Input Voltage Force 300

Hi everyone.

I've read In the Force 300 specifications that the Input Voltage is 30Volts DC but I've powered it with 24V DC and it powers on.

The Force 200 works between 10-30V DC.

Does anyone know if the input voltage have changed or the 12 and 24V DC are enough to power up the Force 300?

Thanks in advance

This is an interesting question... because on the original Force 200 spec sheet is specifically says it can use "10 to 30V" and uses "10W max, 5w typical" power consumption. The Force 300 spec sheet only says "30V" and uses "12 watts". I'm going to make the assumption that the Force 300 is designed to use the same power supply, and can probably use 10V to 30V... and that the 12 watts is the maximum power consumption. This would mean however that when using a lower voltage power supply, that you'd need to make sure that it was rated at a slightly higher wattage then what you might have been able to get away with on the Force 200 to compensate for the slighty higher maximum power consumption. You can easily calculate this by Volts x Amps = Watts... e.g. a 10v power supply, that is rated for 3amps can supply up to 30watts of power... which would be more then enough to power an Force 300.


I've noticed that Force300 uses the "old" power scheme like epmp1000 connectorized, since to get gigabit eth we'd to invert pairs 4-5 with 7-8 pin of the data cable.

We often use Mikrotik RB960PGS to power and connect Force200 and epmp1000 devices, but we've noticed that if we power F300 with routerboard passive poe scheme, Force300 works just at 10 o 100 Mbps.

We're currently using Tycon 4 port poe injector and we've to use jumper on board to invert power over eth pairs.