Instability with ePMP 1000 and 2000 APs running 4.43 and SMs running 3.5.6?

We are trying to upgrade our ePMP APs to 4.4.3 with the plan that we will start deploying F-300 SMs in the field, rather than F-200s. I had made sure all SMs were running 3.5.6, and I upgraded a few APs to 4.4.3 - most SMs connected just fine, and were stable, but a lot of SMs would connect for a few minutes and drop, over and over again. Rebooting didn't solve it, nor did full a power-cycle on the SMs, so I reverted the APs to 3.5.6, and all is stable again.

Since I haven't seen any issues running 4.4.x SMs on a 3.56 AP, I'm hoping I can try a "SMs first, then AP" cnMaestro update to 4.4.3, and I won't see the problem that way, but I admit, I am wary. Is this a known issue? Is there a workaround, or is updating all SMs, then the AP, the best way to do it?

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We had problems with 4.4.3. Had to revert to 4.4.1.

Currently testing 4.5 that was released yesterday.


We have always had the best results when the AP and SMs are running the exact same version. That's not just Cambium advice -- all makes and models of gear generally work better with the same firmware all round.