Install repeaters using PMP450i AP and SM

We have a requirement to install a kind of repeater setup to extend the AP coverage due to having a complete LOS issue. So can we install PMP450i SM and AP at the repeater station, to get the signal from SM and again transmit from AP?
What is the best way to interconnect the SM and AP for DATA and SYNC?
option 1: Connect both SM and AP into CMM5 and provide SYNC to AP from UGPS connected to CMM5? and directly patch Ethernet cable between two ports in the CMM5 to connect the user traffic?

Option 2: Power up the SM and AP via injector or CMM5 and patch Ethernet cable directly between two DATA in ports to connect the user traffic and use AUX port to transfer Sync from SM to AP?

Any requirement to install a router or switch to interconnect user traffic?


If your repeater site only has two radios (an SM and an AP), then there’s probably no need for GPS sync. If you really wanted some sort of sync, you can typically generate sync on one of the radios, probably the AP, and feed it to the SM. This is not GPS sync which provides a common sync source for all radios on your network… this is just a locally generated sync between the two radios.

If you really need GPS sync… I wouldn’t use the CMM5… it’s extremely expensive and way overkill for providing sync to a couple of radios. I’d use a Packetflux sync product or a cnPulse.

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