Installation certificate radius by snmp command

Hi, I try to get radius authentification work on epmp 1000, I would like to use a snmp command to install a certificate on SM, for zero touch configuration. But I can't find the OID for uploading certificate in the MIB file.

I found only something like this:


  Object ID:
Default RADIUS certificate
Device Allocation: SM

Does anybody know about it ? Thank you.

Is that possible to use DHCP option to apply certificate?

We never have gone to using Radius, so I've no experience with it.  but that MIB OID is listed as being read/write...

Have you tried this:

Set one SM up manually with the certificate needed.  Then read that field via SNMP to double-check format etc, then try writing that field on another defaulted radio.  I've noticed that the field doesn't even exist when Radius auth is disabled, so presumably you'd need to enable radius and apply changes before you could write the cert and other related fields.