When you install your SM’s do you guys ground them and or use shielded cable?

Also, do you put grease or something similar on the Ethernet plug to stop corrosion?

Thanks heaps!


Belden UTP outdoor rated at the prem, grounding using the Motorola protector.

No grease.

IMO I don’t feel that it’s necessary to use shielded cable for CPE. I’d wager that a lot of installers simply use w/e cheap ethernet cable they can find in bulk and no ethernet surge.

I’ve seen a lot of installs by other WISP’s here that don’t use even outdoor rated cable or surge protection on the POE.

Give it a year, and that cable will be rotted to hell and back and causing an outage.

Not using POE protection is just not right to begin with. Lazy.

our current install is outdoor stp with shielded connectors to the surge protector (we currently arent grouding them, but if an issue arises we will, the surge protector is for demarcation more than anything, but the shielded jacks give us the futureproof) we use outdoor rated thin jacket utp from the poe to the surge protector with standard connectors