Installing cnArcher app (during closed beta)

Once you have received an email stating that you have been added to the cnArcher closed beta, follow this instructions to install the app.

Click on the link below and opt-in to the Google app beta.

You should see the screen below.


In the screen (shown above), click on the hyperlink “download it on Google Play” (highlighted with RED arrow below).  Sometimes this link can take up to two hours to validate new beta users resulting in the error message shown below.  If that occurs, open the Google Play app on your Android device, search for cnArcher and install.


Hi, in Italy (at least here) the link doesn't works.

Maybe you need to enable my google account?

Sorry about that Guido.  Glad you are added now.

I can't seem to get the internal beta downloaded from St. Maarten is their a way around that?


I don't see St. Maarten as a "country" that can be enabled in Play Store. Instead, I have enabled "Netherlands". Please check again ( 


Still not available perhaps its under Netherlands Antilles, or Sint Maarten (Dutch Part)?

Added "Netherlands Antilles", don't see a seperate "Sint Maarten". If this does not work, we will send you the ".apk" file that you can sideload.

Still not working, think it might be because for some reason our IP in a "whats my ip" shows up as from Curacao not Sint Maarten. Sorry for the confusion this area of the worlds a bit confusing when it comes to the play store.

Please add Ecuador country. We wish try cn archer for our new medusa deployment. Thanks and regards

CSSup, I have emailed you the apk file.Let me know if you run into any any issues.

Mariocrespo, Ecuador is now enabled.