Integrate cnPilot APs with Cloud4Wi

The cnPilot E series access points have support for Cloud4Wi's guest services WiFi platform. So if you are a current Cloud4Wi customer or are looking to use their Guest WiFi platform, you can build a comprehensive solution together with the ePMP1000 Hotspot, cnPilot E400 and cnPilot E500 access points, for both outdoor as well as indoor WiFi.

When used in this mode the cnPilot APs will redirect guest access users to cloud4wi's servers and the users will be served up a splash page from there. Any authentication is also done by the access points by looking up Cloud4Wi's RADIUS servers, and at the end of the authentication any policy enforcement as directed by the server would be done by the cnPilot access points (for instance with rate-limiting user traffic or session times).

Basic configuration on the AP for this mode would be to set:

and to configure the RADIUS server and shared secret to values given to the network admin by Cloud4Wi.

Detailed configuration steps are also available in Cloud4Wi's documentation here: