integrating both WAN and internet traffic in one canopy n/w.


we are having challenge here; we already have our AP cluster—cmm—SW—router----internet and SMs at the clients sites for internet access.
ad we also hav another TDMA IP based Vsat network (in the same premises with the AP cluster ad CMM)that we use to provide WAN connectivity to our clients remote sites and then backhaul the traffic frm our hub to their varioius head offices using either fiber or other radio link.
Now we want to use the same canopy n/w that we are currently using to distribute internet bandwidth to also backhaul our clients traffic from their remote offices to their various Head offices.
the challenges are
1. how do we integrate the 2 different network since they carry 2 different kinds of traffic (i.e. internet and WAN traffic)
2. since backhauling clients WAN traffic from their remote offices to their HQ requires p2p topology, how can we separate the 2 different traffic (WAN ad internet) knowing that it is only one cable that goes from the CMM to the SW?
3. is it possible to backhaul WAN traffic for a particular client with SM at one end and AP Cluster/CMM (that is carrying internet traffic for different ther clients) at other end.

please i need urgent help and response.


What I think you mean, is that you have to deliver to one client one cable for internet conection(main ofice) and another cable with point-to-point data from branch office…(only one cable on branch office…)

You can use a router that suports vlans on main ofice, and use ona vlan for internet and another vlan for data(wan)