Integrating Canopy with DSLAM / DSL modem

Hi to all techkies out there. I have a problem and hoping you could all help me out. We have a ISP/Telco operator client and uses canopy to distribute internet to its subscribers. He used a AP-SM set-up and it was a successful link. here comes my problem…the modem is assigned a static IP so there was no problem when there was a single SM connected to the AP…Now another subscriber will be connected to that AP, the ISP/telco operator needs to know how can it assign another static IP for that new subscriber to completely separate their bandwidth and monitoring issues. The static IPs assigned are public IPs. Hope you can help me out because this is an urgent problem.Thanks

i assume you have 2 sm’s and 1 ap if so i assign privates in the ap’s and sm’s then pass the public through them and put them in to there computers just simply give them another ip out of your ip list Example: put in ap then in one sm and in the other then put your publics in the clients computers like 12.23..10 in one computer and 12.23..11 in the other. but understand when using privates you will only be able to access the ap’s and sm’s on the internal lan. oh yea if you can only get 1 public for this system you will have to setup a dhcp server probably and give them privates which i do not like doing. Also if you only have 1 sm you can still assign different publics through 1 sm but i don’t think it is possible to separate the bandwidth. however you can set priorties which may help some.
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The Canopy system is just a wide-area Ethernet bridge or switch when the SMs’ NAT is disabled (default). The telco’s DSL equipment likely operates as a bridge also. From your description, I’m guessing this is the telco’s situation:

OutboundRouter <–> TelcoLAN <–> DSLAM <–> modem <–> AP
…<==> SM <–> CustomerRouter <–> CustomerLAN

The telco wants to expand this arrangement like this:

OutboundRouter <–> TelcoLAN <–> DSLAM <–> modem <–> AP
…<==> SM1 <–> CustomerRouter1 <–> CustomerLAN1
…<==> SM2 <–> CustomerRouter2 <–> CustomerLAN2

The public IP address assigned to the customer should be applied to the customer’s router. It’s also possible to enable NAT in the SM and apply the public address to the SM, but this is not recommended because of a lockup issue with the SM’s web interface.

What kmeadows is describing is applying IP addresses from a separate private IP network to the Canopy AP and SMs. This would likely be the same IP network the telco uses for its DSLAM and modems (if they have a management interface); this might also be the same private IP network the telco uses in its LAN.

This arrangement presumes the telco already has a mechanism in place to throttle bandwidth to individual customers based on their IP address. If the telco instead manages bandwidth based on the MAC address of the DSL modem, and they need to implement this method for multiple customers using a single modem, then they would need to use the customer’s router MAC.

The problem is, their bandwidth management may be part of the DSLAM management interface and may only work with the modem’s MAC. In this case, they’re either SOL or they have to get creative. SOL translates to lost revenue, getting creative often means higher cost.

Thanks for the info guys. Actually having a router after the SM was what I proposed to them before. I’ll try to relay the information you both provided to their NOC guys. Its good to know alot of people here are so helpful in providing support and solutions to co-canopy users. Keep it upü