Hi Everyone,

Can someone confirm if RICi-E1 (E1 to Ethernet Converter by Radmin) will work for this setup and configuration. Last mile access will utilize both VoIP and data access for each endpoints.

I have attached a diagram for each and everyone to evaluate the scenario. Kindly comment and recommend.

Thank you in advance.

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Any E1 to Eth converter box should work. When incorporating a RAD converter box you will need to carefully configure the packet payload size and jitter buffer settings for the E1 bundles. Based on these settings, an IP bandwidth is consumed per E1 then you need to use Link Planner to ensure you have enough bandwidth to carry the quantity of E1s. The PTP500 radio will need to be configured in order to provide a stable voice transport. Lastly, the RAD units will need to be checked for any errors for full optimization.

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