Integration of SMS Gupshup with Cnmaestro

Configuring SMS Gupshup  through cnMaestro

NOTE: Supported from the cnMaestro 1.2.1 release


  • Introduction: -

This document describes how to integrate  SMS  Gupshup on  cnMaestro  .This allows the clients to connect   using OTP got on Mobile  . Currently we support three SMS Gateways as below

1]SMS Gupshup

2]SMS Country


This feature is supported from  1.2.1-b19 cnMaestro build.

Minimum device software image version : 3.0-b24

SMS Gupshup Account :

We need to have a account with SMS Gupshup. There are two kinds of SMS facilities by SMS Gupshup . One is Promotional SMS and other is transactional SMS . We can buy any one of the two . With Promotional SMS facility ,OTP can be sent only to Mobile numbers which are not registered with DND kind of facility .DND is kind of facility where Advertisement messages are not sent to mobile number when it is registered  .With transactional SMS , OTP can be sent to all Mobile numbers . In India Mobile numbers registered with DND are called NCPR(National Customer Preference register number)

  • Configuration on CnMaestro
  1. Create the Guest Access Portal in cnMaestro
  2. Enable SMS authentication
  3. Select SMS Gupshup as SMS Gateway Provider
  4. Provide Username and Password obtained from SMS Gupshup
  5. Sender ID : This fiels is optional . This will allow user to send SMS through the ID which he chooses
  6. Country Code : We can select the country code which we want the OTPs to be sent


Splash Page with SMS Gupshup will look like this


Checking Smsgupshup Report :

We can download Smsgupshup report . Smsgupshup report will contain number of messages sent ,delivered, operator failed, NCPR rejected etc

  1. We have login to website
  2. Click on SMS
  3. Click on Download

Now we can view the report in excel format or HTML format  . Sample Report is as shown