Integration Request with HSNM Hotspot Manager


we have currently 1000+ Xirrus APs in stock. And we would like to deploy them in a big network, where we want to use HSNM as our radius manager. HSNM has already integration with Cambium CnPilot and CnMaestro. HSNM is asking for “Xirrus or XMS E documentations, PHP integration code examples”. Please let us know how we can proceed.


Hi Arefin, I think we need to get you more detailed information from you and might be best if we have a local technical resources work with you. Are you located in Bangladesh or which country so I can get you in contact with the correct person?

yes, I am from Bangladesh.

Hi Arefin,

I am trying to help on your need. Who is the Cambium Account manager working with you?

Thank you,

Hi Channareddy,

We were purchasing products from a local distributor named Roots. But they didn’t assign us any account manager for technical support.