Integration Steps Of IPpay Payment Gateways

Steps To Configure IPpay Payment Gateway on Our cnMaestro:

  1. Create a Portal:

    Go to Service → Guest Access Portal → Add Portal

  2. Enable Paid Access:

    Go to Access Control → Paid → Enable CheckBox

  3. Enable IPpay Gateway:

    Go to Access Control → Paid → IPpay Gateway → Enable checkbox and also do the following configuration:

    1. Configure Gateway URL

    2. Configure the Merchant ID or MID shared by IPpay

    3. Configure the Customer ID, shared by IPpay

    4. Configure the Terminal ID, shared by IPpay

    5. Configure the Password, shared by IPpay

  4. Configure Plans under Plan details:

    Click on “Add” Button → Enter Plan Details like Plan Name, Plan Cost, duration etc.

  5. Save the config

  6. Finally go to splash page and “save” the splash page to reflect any changes in the Access Portal settings.

Below is a sample configuration