Integration with TWILIO sms gateway with cNmaestro OnPrem

Hi guys,

Want to know the integration process with Twilio sms gateway have done configuration as per the my knowledge but not getting an SMS if i try to send from cnmaestro guest captive portal and gettign and error called failed to send sms

attached is the detailed configuration have done kindly check and help me on this.

Hi Akmal,

Could you please share us with below details,

1. cnMaestro On premise version.

2. AP firmware version.

3. Could you please share us the TeamViewer session if possible.

4. Download techdump from the AP(Operations -> Download tech support) and CnMaestro(Application -> Server -> Diagnostics).


Raja M

I also got the same problem.

Hi Hungcnet,
SMS integration is a very simple process. We can help you fix the problem. Please send an email to this email ID with below problem details.
Please share the cnMaestro version and AP version too.