Interesting Speed Test Results

I am on a 5.0 mbps download, 1.2 mbps upload package with my WISP. I do a lot of gaming on Xbox Live (or try to anyway), and its really hit or miss even on this package. I have ran a bunch of speedtests on a bunch of different sites and here are my results. Montreal (Ping 63ms) Washington DC (Ping 109ms) Dallas Texas (Ping 132ms) Download/Upload Combo Test

:::… test results …:::
Download Connection is:: 1506 Kbps about 1.51 Mbps (tested with 3072 kB)
Download Speed is:: 184 kB/s
Upload Connection is:: 2198 Kbps about 2.2 Mbps (tested with 5983 kB)
Upload Speed is:: 268 kB/s
Tested From:: (Main)
Test Time:: 2009/01/10 - 11:20am
D-Validation Link::
U-Validation Link::
User Agent:: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10.5; en-US; rv: Gecko/2008092414 Firefox/3.0.3 [!] (Runs on same server as New York, NY

Last Result:
Download Speed: 2435 kbps (304.4 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 1554 kbps (194.3 KB/sec transfer rate)

Your current bandwidth reading is:

2.87 Mbps

which means you can download at 366.89 KB/sec. from our servers.

The interesting part is my upload speeds on most of those tests is over 2mbps. I have been told my the support at my WISP that these speeds aren’t even possible on upload. I am paying for 5.0mbps download, and never see much higher then 3.0 on any speed test. Which is why I called and asked if they could change the ratio a little maybe, but they said it was setup correctly already.

My gaming online works, but is laggy probably 75% of the time. I have went a couple days where its been great, but it stops pretty quickly. I think anyones problem with gaming on a wireless connection probably isn’t speed, but more to do with latency. My speed test results are acceptable, but I am getting over 100ms ping on most of those speed tests. On a good day it might be 50ms+, but I have ran ping utilities and I get dropped packets occasionally which can really mess up gaming online.

Does anyone have any ideas for me, or does everything look pretty much normal? They told me I should be able to game online without any lag, other then the odd normal lag anyone would experience.

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You said you told your ISP that you were getting 2Mbps upload speeds but they said that is not even possible?

Sounds like your WISP’s first level of tech support is misinformed, as it is obvious you are getting those types of speeds. Your latency issues in gaming are probably related to oversubscription somewhere along the line from your house to the ISP’s internet connection. It also could be the use of a network traffic shaper, enforcing rules.

Did you look to see if your ISP’s contract stated your speeds were constant speeds or burst speeds?

If your contract says you will always get “x” speed and your latency will always be “below y” then you probably have something to go at them with. Otherwise you’ll be out of luck. Keep pushing on them to examine the connection, as there are tests they can run on their end to see what the issue is.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

I have verified that I am one of only 6 subscribers on my tower actually. Anyway, I have been told that everyone else on that tower are on 1mbps packages, and I am the only one on 5mbps. So there should be more then enough bandwidth available on my tower. My towers back bone is supplied by hydro one. I was also told by a higher up support at the company that they prioritized my packets to help with my issues. Apparently they normally do this for customers with VoIP, but did it for me to try and remedy the issue. I didn’t notice much difference.

My WISP uses burst speeds, and apparently I should get at least 75% after that. I have direct line of site, and I am only about 1km away from the tower.

I guess I want to know is this equipment capable of giving better latency, and a online gaming experience comparable to a DSL connection, or is that just not possible? I have tried the DSL Reports site, and all you get are people complaining that know nothing about the technology. I appreciate your help, and if you can offer anymore advice that would be great.

By default Canopy adds some latency since its a shared medium plus its synchronized via GPS. About 15-20ms. Like the previous reply you received its probably some sort of traffic control you ISP has on their network. Also How is your gaming system connected to the Network? A direct connect or are you using a router and/or Wireless connection. If you have it connected via WIFI the WIFI also adds more latency to your link.

I manage the network here at our wisp and have internet setup at my house through our company, i am two hops for our fiber backbone and connected to a non advantage ap (P8, 7.3.6) with ration set to 65% so approx. 3.9mb down and i have absolutely no problems playing halo or any other game for that matter online. I very rarely get kicked off or lag. It sounds like you have some packet loss issues that are causing you to lag, i would download a tool called WinMTR and run a test a gaming server or any server for that matter and see if you get any packet loss.

We have customers that are a few hops out and they game just fine. I expect latency on their end to not be more than 80ms or so to a decent server, less if they find a better one.

I game at home all the time on Counterstrike, and have no issues. I’ve found good servers and my latency to them is 30-50ms.

So, you should have very little issues gaming on a WISP connection that is properly managed. There is something else funny going on.

As nucoles pointed out I’d definitely start with WinMTR, or other traceroute utility, before proceeding to the next step. Feel free to post a log or two. FWIW modifying the dl/ul ratio isn’t really going to solve the “lag” issue.

Sorry, it doesnt keep the formatting…

| WinMTR statistics |
| Host - % | Sent | Recv | Best | Avrg | Wrst | Last |
| smoothwall - 0 | 51 | 51 | 0 | 7 | 110 | 0 |
| - 0 | 51 | 51 | 15 | 28 | 94 | 16 |
| - 0 | 51 | 51 | 15 | 42 | 235 | 31 |
| - 0 | 51 | 51 | 15 | 46 | 188 | 47 |
| - 0 | 50 | 50 | 31 | 62 | 266 | 47 |
| - 2 | 50 | 49 | 31 | 64 | 234 | 47 |
| - 0 | 50 | 50 | 31 | 58 | 156 | 47 |
| - 0 | 50 | 50 | 31 | 64 | 187 | 46 |
| - 0 | 50 | 50 | 62 | 100 | 188 | 93 |
| - 2 | 50 | 49 | 63 | 105 | 282 | 94 |
| - 0 | 50 | 50 | 93 | 105 | 188 | 94 |
| - 0 | 50 | 50 | 78 | 103 | 219 | 94 |
| - 0 | 50 | 50 | 78 | 101 | 250 | 93 |
| - 0 | 50 | 50 | 93 | 127 | 406 | 110 |
| - 0 | 50 | 50 | 93 | 139 | 343 | 110 |
| - 0 | 50 | 50 | 93 | 124 | 218 | 109 |
| - 0 | 50 | 50 | 93 | 122 | 266 | 109 |
| - 0 | 50 | 50 | 109 | 132 | 219 | 125 |
WinMTR - 0.8. Copyleft @2000-2002 Vasile Laurentiu Stanimir ( )

Everything looks good there, not hardly any packet loss, and pretty good latency results even worst was not more than 200ms. So the lag is not from latency or packet loss. They might be using something like netequalizer that shapes the bandwidth and it is holding changing your packet priority on you.

Looks like packet shaping to me.

Shaping is good unless it makes the service unusable as in this case (especially since you pay extra).

They assure me nothing like this is going on, and I trust the guy that I have been dealing with, he is pretty high up with the company I am with… Nothing really makes sense…

Based on some recent issues, if this is WOW youre playing, youre getting hit by P2P filters, its the update app that runs in the background. I dont know anyhting about your WISP, but even if they arent shaping, their provider may be shaping.

For most online games your bandwidth is WAY more than you need, most xbox games will function at 512, technically WOW will function over dialup.

Let me ask you this, have you replaced any cable ends? took the cap off the radio? “adjusted” the point on your reflector (it was pointed at the ground, so I pointed it up like its supposed to be, now my internet doesnt work)

Obviously, whatever method they use to manage your bandwidth is not working properly. We advertise a certain upload, but actually set the system to twice the rate, so they may do something similar.

My guess at this point would be something along the lines of their bandwidth management is policy based, and at one point, whatever your policy is tied to (IP or MAC) had a different service plan, their service plan is stil present, and the policy is applied before yours. (this is a guess, based on a recent experience) If thats the case, what can you do about it? Nuthin.

Now there are some things you can do on your end to ensure youre not the cause. First, I dont know how your connected, if the canopy adapter comes into a router, you need to disconnect every network device attached to it, disable the wireless if its wireless. Connect a single PC to the router. Make sure this PC is not running a single bandwidth consuming app. (Start-RUNN -type “cmd” type netstat) Make sure no unneccesary connections are present.

Go to and select the CLOSEST server to you. Run your test, thats the most accurate way to guage your connection on a consumer level.

Now that I think about it, it actually sounds less like a bandwidth management issue and more like a non management issue. If youre seeing spotty speeds they might be oversubscribed, which you dont need to know, and the six on the ap doesnt mean theres 6 on the AP. if its a cluster then theres more, or they could have other pops backhauled, all infrastructure issues you have no business knowing.

But here is your solution, set a date, whether 3 days or thirty. Tell them if you dont get what you are paying for you either want to go down to the 1mb plan you are capable of getting (more than sufficient speed for online gaming) or you want to cancel your contract and pay the fee if you have one unless they are willing to waive it.

SOmetimes in the wireless world, people just cant get what they want, and we cant provide it, parting ways is the best course. We dont do administrative disconnects (cancel service pull equipment) but I wish we did. There are a couple of customers who keep complaineing they arent getting what they want (whether it was an install that was marginal, a change in terrain/foliage, or they just want more than the system can provide) that if I had my druthers I would go pull their equipment and be done with them, since they wont cancel their service.

We have one guy who wants alot, we cant get it to him, hes paying for a rate plan thats more than his particular link is capable of, but it at least gets him the most he can get and he accepted that rather than going back down to a connection that can be provided in a sustainable manner.

Thats your choices, once your timeframe YOU set has passed, you dont get to call in anymore.

edit I did just notice, you are getting an aggregate 5mb, speedtests dont normally run full duplex, but that may come into play.