interesting sync scenario

sent my guys out to swap out some P8 for some P9’s. The new P9 were pre-configured.

Swapped out a remote AP, everything looking good, half an hour later, no one registered, reboot guys come on and then drop off…

power levels of the SM in sessions page 51-66 jitter 1-3. Can’t understand what is going on… AP looking good, status page showing receiving sync.

Then I see something, it is set to receive sync from power port, problem is I am using an adapter, don’t have a sync device (CMM, packet flux, etc…) but it is receiving sync. Reboot the thing, same thing…

Anyways changed to receive sync from timing port (remote SM), everything sweet.

Still confused how it was able to show receiving sync from the adapter, any ideas ?

I assume the sync cable was plugged in?

I would buess that the board must have been detecting the pulse across traces and of course that would not be stable.

Yes Jerry, the sync cable was plugged in, but it was set to receive sync from the power port.

Are you saying that although it was set to receive from power port, it the sync coming into the timing port was bleeding over to the power port and that is what may have been detected ?

That would be my guess as there is not other explanation that would even remotely make sense :?:

I think you may well be right… i’ll see if I can repeat it in house…