Interface Bonding

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with bonding on a mikrotik router? I was looking at add some failover for a Force 400c ptp link I have but also in reading the mikrotik document see that it can also provide higher data rates. As per the mikrotik documentation it seems pretty straight forward in the setup but was just curious if anyone had any tips or advice on this?

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hi DigitalMan, we have as we use Mikrotik devices “en masse”.

There are many options how to do bonding and of course they are not equal. Depending on your infrastructure on each side of the bonded link, some of those options will be better than the others - but it’s never as easy as documentation says :slight_smile:

Let me provide example : you want to bond two 5GHz links. They will NEVER have the same “physical” characteristics in terms of throughput, latencies, jitter, etc, even if you live in remote desert. Out of order packet delivery will happen and as indicated above, depending on your infrastructure on each side of the link that will be a problem. Bigger or smaller, but it will.

Everybody wants cheap way how to make his radios faster. Unfortunately, there are limits what we can achieve with little money. If you have two 30MHz channels and want to bond them, you would be better off simply using single 60MHz or maybe 80MHz channel (if your physical environment doesn’t have too much interference ; if it has, you are doomed with bonding too) on single Force400c. If you want to bond two 80MHz channels, then we are potentially talking about 1.5Gbps throughput (each Force400c link will do 800Mbps at 80MHz in clean environment) and I would start to think about different radios such as 80GHz link etc.

Tell us more about your use case, please. This is very complicated case and can’t be answered with single twitter sentence and LoL at the end : what you have, what you are trying to accomplish. Length of your link, throughput today, bandwidth requirements, physical situation (30 radios on the same tower ?)…

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