Interferance with another 900 MHz AP cluster?

We have an AP cluster within 4.8 miles of another AP cluster running on 900MHz. Is it ok to have both AP clusters using frequencies 906, 915, and 924? I guess as long as they are using different color codes? Or should we use different frequencies?

I am guessing both clusters are yours?

No, one cluster is another company’s.

There are a lot of variables with this. Are both clusters timed by a CMM?

Our is timed by a GPS & CMM yes, I’m not sure about the other one but I would guess it is also.

Are you aware of the direction that the competitors’ APs are pointing in comparison to yours?

Well it is a cluster just like ours, so there are 6 APs like ours. In terms of directions I don’t know exactly which way, but I’m sure that some are pointing towards ours probably.

Download the Ap User Guide…
…and read pages 50-57 for detailed look at multiple clusters.