Interference in lower end of 3.65 spectrum?

So we just put up our first 3.65 cluster on a tower. We went through all the correct procedures and got our license for the lower 25Mhz of the 3.65 spectrum from the FCC. We have the APs up and running, connected a CPE at various distances and got great signal. However the modulation rate was bad everywhere.

After speaking with Motorola and having them log into our equipment we have determined it is an interference issue. WTF?!!? We went to 3.65 to get away from interference!!

Has anyone else dealt with interference on 3.65 yet? What are our options? Obviously we’re going to speak with the FCC to see if we can get the upper 25Mhz but what else can be done? Is it possible the interference is coming from someone that is legally running equipment?

Does anyone have any suggestions what we should be looking for?

We ran into that on our deployment. Apparently it was a TV station satellite. There spectrum apparently starts at 3.7GHz.

We had to coordinate with them and moved away from the 3.7GHz on the AP in their direction. Either way if its another WIMAX deployment they need to have their base station etc registered or they need to shut down. If they are registered you guys need to coordinate.

I just wish there was some sort of spectrum analyzer or something to help determine where the interference is coming from.

Same here. How we found out is that the station borrowed one and found us. The older Canopy radios had built-in Spectrum Analyzer but I guess the forgot about it with this version.

Are you seeing any timeouts on the connection line when you ping the CSM? Thats how we knew something was wrong on our side. We were constantly getting 3% loss and frequent tcp timeouts eventhough the link on the CSM side showed connected. Good RSSI -57 CINR in the 30’s.

If its just bad throughput make sure the service flows are set properly and you have the proper ones set in the defaullt service flow section.

We saw the same thing, good RSSI and CINR but dropped pings. We knew for sure when we tried temporarily putting the APs in the upper 25Mhz to see if it helped and they worked fine then. So now we’re on a mission to find out where this interference is coming from.

Good luck. With us it only happened on a particular AP. We started with two one East one West. The issues were seen on anything connected to the Western AP. If you can narrow it down like that then atleast you will know the direction/ path they are in. For us the TV station dish was about a mile away from the tower pointed in a direction corssing our path.
If you geting it from all sides… Could be someone on that tower. If not… Fuel up your truck…

I’ll give that a try, thanks.

The SA in the AP will be available next release along with a list of other “Canopy” like features:

e2.1 (December???)
-ertPS QoS
-NAT in L2 Convergence Mode
-SM Isolation
-Spectrum Analyzer on AP
-Select Preferred AP
-Factory Reset Tool for SMs
-Ether Type Firewall Filter (ex. PPPoE Packets)
-VLAN MGMG Improvements

e2.1.1 (January)
-802.16e Protocol Range Extension

e2.2 (Q1)
-Upper 3.65GHz
-DHCP Option 82
-SNMPv3 on AP
-Https on AP
-Higher UL Ratio