Interference issue PTP with force-300

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Please help to let me know the resaon that I am using force-300 with the confirguration that Near end is Access Point mode and far end is Station mode,but that case i am facing high interferance and stabilty issue with my Link performance,but when i am using Near end as Station and far end as access Point ,My Link is much stable and working too good. What is the logic behind this.

Please help to understand me.

@rajeshkumar wrote:

Please help to let me know the resaon that...    ....What is the logic behind this.

Hi. Is this link in TDD mode, or ePTP mode?  If it's in TDD mode, is it 75%/25%, or what ratio is it?  When you swap roles, is it the same ratios, or do you change ratios at the same time?

Link is configuredĀ ePTP mode

@rajeshkumar wrote:

Link is configured ePTP mode

OK, for us - we had horrible performance in ePTP mode with the Force300 under any real-world conditions. They tested great in the shop, and performed great with one-way traffic - but as soon as we put them in the field at any distance, and with real two-way traffic, the performance went out the window (with over 50% retransmissions).

So, what I did was to just change to TDD and 75%/25% (same channel, same aiming, same everything - just went from ePTP to TDD).  Performance is great for us in TDD mode.

To be clear - in the 1000/2000 line, ePTP mode is spectacular for us, but in the 3000/300 - it's some totally different animal - incompatible and totally different performance.