interference on UTP/STP

Hello All,

On one of our main towers, we have problems on the ethernet side. The tower is used for all kind of transmissions. Earlier we have link problems on 100 mbps setings, so we moved all to 10FDX, and things worked, but now its even worse, at this speed the link will be there but data transfer rates are like 7KB/sec once u change the neg speed it then comes back to normal and after few days goes back worse.

any body seen something like this ?

Check your Ethernet Statistics on the Canopy modules. See what, if any, errors are present.


thanks for the reply.

what do u think this might be. we had trango earlier and had same ethernet side problem, and now canopy.

outerrors Count 6225
LateCollision 6225

How long are the Cat 5 cables running up the tower?

Are you using double shielded Cat5? Where is the CMM located? Are the tower and the room for the equipment sharing the same gounding or they have separate ones? Have you tryed putting the cable in metal tube?

everything is on top of the tower, CMM and all the AP and BH.

WE have a separate ground for our equipments, tried all, STP, FTP, even tried to manually groud all the UTP. but no luck.

Distance from CMM to units are like within 5 - 10 metres. the biggest being 30m.

We had radios on the tower, and the CMM was there also. The groundings of the tower and the house where the power was were different. We tryed everything, even grounding the cables on every 2 meters directly on the tower. No success. When we moved the CMM inside the house all problems disappeared.

Are the errors on the radios to the cmm or the cmm to the ground?

The errors are from unit to the cmm / switch.

we were trying to keep the cable distance short as possible to try and avoid interference.

i will try and experiment to bring down the cmm and switch and see if this helps. !!