Interference problem with PTP58600

in our network we have nearly 26 links that works with PTP 58600, there’s links to 30MHz, the other with 15Mhz and there also with 10 and 5.
where we have more than 2 links in a point, use PTPSYNC.
I worked the whole map with LINKPlanner respecting all timing calculated.

my question, is there a software that allows LINKPlanner as set frequencies for each link to remove interferences.

otherwise how can I determine the frequency manually.

I can send you the map on LINKPlanner studied.

thank you

No, there isnt an option in LINKPlanner to automatically select frequencies for you. Primarily because this will not take into account external interference which you will also have to deal with. Have you tried letting the radios run with Dynamic Frequency Selection? What is the most number of radios collocated at one site? We’d be happy to take a look if you need help. Make sure you have an updated LINKPlanner file with all your requirements set (availability and capacity). Also, any foliage should also be added.

hello and thank you for your response.

to your question, the number is 6 antenna located in 3 links.