Interference / T-Mobile Syncing

I am painfully waiting on Google to get back to us regarding interference from I believe T-Mobile.

We were able to get the APs mostly working by going to:
Max Range: 15 miles
Downlink Data: 80%
Contention Slots: 3
Co-Locate: LTE Frame Configuration 2

However, we are still seeing some SMs with extremely poor SNR while they have great signal. The AP is now happy (it wasn’t even working before these changes).

Any other idea on settings to change or values to try that might make a T-Mobile LTE sync happy?

How do you know it’s from T-Mobile? Have you ran an SA, are you seeing noise on/near your channels on either the AP or SM’s?

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Yes… I’ve run the SA and see interference across the entire band on the AP and SM. Prior to setting Co-Locate setting 2 the AP wasn’t even able to operate.

With Co-Lo 2 the AP is mostly operating, but I have one SM that is showing a good signal -58 but poor SNR (9). The SM shows a very high level of noise.

I have driven around to the local towers and observed the installed the equipment. Verizon, while owning a PAL does not have any CBRS equipment installed, while T-Mobile does. I have not pointed a SA at the towers, but the SA shows the entire band swamped around a -60, so I’m not sure how much use that would be anyway.

Dear Eric

I have a little question is there any way a Spectrum Analysis scan can be done on a remote Subscriber Module unit (especailly Force200) without been physically present at the location?

With PxP450, yes… with ePMP, no.

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That really sucks man! I guess you could try to reach out to T-Mobile and find out what timing settings they’re using and try to set yours optimally… but timing settings aren’t going to help you operate in a saturated band with your radios hearing that much energy. You might have to get as far away from them as possible.

The only thing I can figure is we are synced properly (AP is now working) but the offending company/operator has an eNB/AP pointed directly at the customers in the direction we are having issues. May have to burn a PAL for these customers.