Intermittent fault

I dont know if anyone can help but my system keeps failing.
The system runs for about an hour then for some reason it shuts it self off. I have fitted a new CMM and transformer but it has just happened again.

can you explain more on how it shuts off and what being shut off looks like?

with enough info we should hopefully be able to help you resolve this problem

Usually after about an hour of the system being activated a fault notice comes up saying the system is off line then it would restart any time between 1 - 3 hours.
Although the longest it has run was about 8 hours before it shut down.
I at first thought it was a power fault but on checking at the CMM there was a constant 21.4 VDC even with the system down.
Any ideas would be helpful

Okay, I’m assumming you have a program that will restart your equipment if a fault is detected?

Which peice of equipment is causing the fault? what type equipment are you running?, how many peice’s?, how you have it conf.? what freq’s are you running?

Are there any other wireless providers in the area?

If you have an AP cluster in situ, check GPS is receiving ok and is placed in a manner so it can see the satalites and visa versa. The GPS is an integral part of the CMM and the Cluster around it. AP’s work on a back to back frequency i.e. North will be 5750 and so will South, if of course you are using the 5.7 Canopy Equipment. If GPS is not working correctly this will interfere with the way the AP Cluster works, as an AP should be set to “Sync to Received Signal (power Port)”, GPS is not required if you just wish to “Generate Sync Signal”, but bare in mind if you use “Generate Sync Signal” then the back to back AP will not work unless set to another frequency. You may have a different set up to the standard AP Cluster setup if this is the case please verify.

I hope this helps.

I am just starting up and have one cluster with a backhaul feeding out to a couple of test users.
There is a CMM 2 meters below the AP cluster with a GPS module off to one side.
In the fault log the first unit to fail was the CMM but having changed it the fault returned after about 3 hours.
I will look into the GPS and see if anythig is amiss there.
Thanks for all the replys people.

Try hard setting the speed to 10Mbs in the AP’s.

Mine would not stay up at 100 Mbs.

Make sure you don’t have the Power Wires for the CMMmicro backwards. In most cases BLACK is positive, but not with MOTOROLA. BLACK is the -V and the BLACK/WHITE is the +V.