Internal Connector type on the 900Mhz Radios

Can someone tell me what kind of connectors they use in the 900Mhz radio. Is it an MCX or what. I want to make integrated AP into an connectorized version. At least I would like to try


It is a “N-type” connector

Thanks for your reply, the connector I am talking about is the internal connectro going to the radio internally. I beleive it is MCX just want to verify. I have opened the unit and looked, just want to verify. Trying to avoid buying a connectorized version when all I may need will be 2’ pig tail. MCX to N male.


you are correct but you want another M. MMCX RF industries part no for right angle connector RMX-8010-1B

I have thought about doing this. Let us know how it goes.

It is an MCX connection I ordered 19" pig tails from a company named JEFA Tech. Here is what I ordered, and they are the exact connectors used on 900Mhz internalal antenna to the radio. These should work just fine, I will keep you posted.

100NMMCX MCX Male (R/A) to N Male Pigtail 19" $12.95 each