Internal RF cable for the FORCE 110


my techs have broken a lot of rf cables from the Force 110 parabolic dish.

What kind of internal connectors are used?

RP-SMA on one side, and on the internal side?

RPSMA Male-UFL Pigtail

Anyone have a source for these in the US?  I can't find anyone selling them, just the ubiquitous u.fl to female rp-sma bulkhead connector used on so many wifi routers.



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Just a reminder:
Those cables listed in the post above won't work, those are standard "SMA" threaded connectors, where you actually want the "RP-SMA" types. 

So, you are looking for a coax fitted with a "male" RP-SMA / "plug" RP-SMA / "RPSMAM" on one side, and a U.fl on the other.


The devil is in the details I missed the rp part, opps. But my chance for redemption! in my conversation with baltic this morning I brought this up and they can get these custom made at a reasonable price at the lowest quantity that you want since we have broken some of these cables ourselves I asked for a price and lead time.