Internal Server Error on E410

Hello dear community,

I have a problem with my E410 Master Access Point.
I have installed the firmware and since then I can no longer access the web interface → Internal Server Error (500)

Restarting etc. has not helped, does anyone have any idea how I can solve the problem?

Have you enabled Autopilot mode in this AP? If yes, can you disable Autopilot mode and try again?
What was the previous firmware version on this AP?

now it works again without autopilot master mode. the previous version was:

Is there a problem with the current firmware (-r9) and the autopilot master mode

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The AutoPilot feature was discontinued from version 4.0 onwards.

I would recommend you use cnMaestro Essentials, which is free and provides basic network management support for Cambium Networks devices.

You can have a look at the cnMaestro User Guide here: cnMaestro Cloud Management User Guide - English