Internet of Things (IoT) and WISPs

IoT is a hot topic, and there are plenty of "things" out there looking to be deployed. As a WISP, what impact has this had on your business, from either residential subscribers or business/industrial clients? What are the first "things" showing up on your doorstep looking to drive connectivity?

Alarm systems are the first thing we have seen

Replacing old analog dialers with ethernet TCP systems to connect the alarm system to the security company is the first.

Next big thing I think will be the microwave.

There is a guy who has replaced the guts of an old microwave with a raspberry pi

You scan the barcode of whatever you are cooking and it downloads the instructions from the internet so the microwave knows when to stop cooking your pasta, beeps so you open the door to mix it, then continues again bla bla bla.

The kitchen will be the first to get the IOT technology.

I also now have an android headunit in my car. Thats more LTE territory than WISP territory.

I am told all tesla vehicles have a 3g connection in them for scada engine reporting.

Other than that I dont really have any other predictions.

I cant see a reason that your vaccuum cleaner would need an internet connection - unless its one of those automatic ones that are just sweepers.

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