Internet speed test not matching wireless speed test

Hello Team

I carried out a wireless throughput test on the SM I got a value of 24 (downlink) / 11 (uplink)


While after carrying out the internet speed test I was having 5Mbps download / 3Mbps upload

Why is this internet speed test not equal or the same thing with the radio wireless throughput test?

I will indeed be glad if i can get your responses anytime soonest.


Select medium-sized packets(Medium 800 bytes) for the test they are approximately like TCP IP

Dear Zica49

Thanks for your prompt response I just did as you have advised and it gave me just the same result.

Kindly assist what else can I do or check on the radio link parameters?

So many things can be causing this. The speed test between the radio and the AP is

(1) exactly that, a test of the link between the radio and the AP so any issues between the device you are running the speed test on and the Client radio are not going show up in the link test and any problems from the AP to the speed test are not going to show up.

This one can be the hardest one to troubleshoot (not helped by the fact that ePMP can not run link tests to any Cambium/ePMP device other than between the AP/CPE) because there are soooooo many points of possible failure here… it could be the device running the speed tests ( I hate cell phones… they are terrible at speed tests). It could be one of the links on your own network anywhere between the AP and your Edge / Internet connection and it could be beyond that. It could be the speed test itself ( is terrible IMHO but I don’t know what is good wherever you are) For now, (2) may be the quickest / easiest thing to check.

One thing that may eliminate or confirm anything from the AP to the internet would be " Is it just one customer radio on this AP doing this or everyone ? " If this is the only CPE on this AP with this issue then that would indicate there are not problems between your AP the rest of your network/internet connection. However if everyone on this AP or everyone connected to this site is having the same issue then you will want take hard look at your network from the AP/Site to your edge/internet connection.

Also what firmware version on the radio/ap ? We had a lot of issues in the past with ePMP just being generally terrible at speed tests and later firmware has… mostly, greatly, improved this.

(2) The link test is UDP and the Speed Tests are TCP. UDP moves more data than TCP for a lot of reasons and will always be faster but not by a huge amount unless there are problems with the link/path. One of the reasons is TCP error checking/correction. UDP don’t care if packets are missing/corrupt , it doesn’t even check to see while TCP checks every single packet and corrupt/missing/fragmented packets will slow TCP down a lot. So if 2 is the problem then it’s likely your wireless link is not so great.

Firs thing to look at here is probably the Monitor > Performance on the AP and/or CPE.

Can you go to the Monitor → Performance page, clear the stats (at the top “Reset Stats” button) on both the AP and CPE and as quickly as possible run 5 or so speed tests one right after the other then look at (and/or screen cap and post here) what is the MCS rates most of the packets are being transmitted/received at ? On the AP Performance page what do the drops and retransmits look like for this CPE ?


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