Introducing cnVision

Cambium Networks introduces cnVision—purpose-built wireless connectivity for video surveillance and CCTV applications. Security system integrators, architects, and consultants now have a hardware and software solution to deliver extremely reliable and secure wireless video systems. cnVision is easy to design, deploy, and manage.

cnVision uniquely offers VMS integration and ONVIF client support to auto-detect camera hardware, locally preview video streams, and dramatically simplify troubleshooting and fault isolation in end-to-end CCTV and video surveillance systems.

The cnVision portfolio consists of the following hubs and clients:

  • cnVision Hub 360: 360-degree coverage for multiple clients and cameras, out to 1 mile
  • cnVision Hub FLEXr: Mate the FLEXr with a horn or sector antenna to cover distances out to 5 miles
  • cnVision Client MAXr: Ruggedization and security in a long-range client, covering the maximum distance
  • cnVision Client MINI: Mid-range coverage that can also serve as a hub for point-to-point connections
  • cnVision Client MICRO: Short-range coverage to approximately 1 mile that can also serve as a hub for point-to-point connections

cnVision Hub FLEXr is compatible with Cambium C050900D021B antenna (Sector Antenna, 5 GHz, 90/120 with Mounting Kit), as well as with RF Elements Twist Adapter (TPA-EPMP) and Horn antennas (HG3-TP-A60 and others).

More details on cnVision are available here at

Please let us know what your first reaction is.  Are you deploying video surveillance solutions with wireless or wires today?  What's important to you in delivering predictable reliable video to your clients?

- Bruce

I’m looking for camera alternatives to Ubiquiti and China that don’t cost me children.

Waykat Services are very interested in this product.

As luck would have it we are currently at the closing stanges of producing a large Cambium Networks proposal & quote to supply, install & commission a very large Cambium Networks network for an existing large commercial client and amoung other requierements is 10+ high end survaliance cameras.

We are currently looking at using the Ubiquiti Networks UniFi Video UVC-G4-PRO 4K IP67 camera as the client already has 2 x large Ubiquiti camera survaliance networks that feed back to Ubiquiti NVR's & the cloud.

Waykat Services very much look forward to learing more about this product and oppertunity.

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Thanks for your interest in cnVision.  If you are already a Cambium Connected Partner please look on the portal for information about becoming a cnVision System Integrator.  cnVision System Integrators are proven experts at deploying CCTV and video surveillance solutions. There is an application there that you can fill out and submit for quick approval.

If you are not already a Cambium Connected Partner but are interested in becoming one (for cnVision or for any of our other products) you can find more information here: 

- Bruce

I am very much excited to see the cambium cctv. Last 5 years I am working on cctv solutions. Many of the solutions done by cambium networks radio product. If cambium launch cctv than we can make the leadership in this market. Waiting

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That's great to hear about your interest.   Watch for more information in coming weeks here on the community and on the website.  We expect some limited quantities available in the channel in late December and full volume in January.

Based on what you've seen so far about cnVision where would you expect to deploy the solution most often?  Small businesses, enterprise, schools, churches, municipalities for traffic control, police departments to supplement their surveillance, etc.  Where else?

- Bruce

We recently received our first shipment of the cnVision product.  There was a 7 week delay in receiving the product, however we turned it up in minutes.  

My question is, why does cnVision not comply to the PoE+ standard 802.3af/at, and use Passive PoE for the cnVision line? 

This does not allow customers to seamlessly use a PoE+ complianct switch, along with all other compliant devices such as IP PoE+ cameras?  It forces us to use the Passive PoE injector that is supplied with the product, which adds another level of complexity in field designs.  And requires an weather proof enclosure to protect this power supply?

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Thanks for your feedback! We are definitely working on having PoE+ standard 802.3af/at compatibility in our future products to enable usage of standard PoE switches.