Introducing the new ePMP Force 300 CSM

Agreed on LINKPlanner being the way to go here.

Having said that, with the appropriate sized dish, 40km is definitely achievable with ePMP Force 300 in a PTP configuration.

- Bruce

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thanks, im new here, downloading the link planner , will post results

there is no force 300 csm on product list

I just loaded up the new LinkPlanner and it appears as though the only F300 radio included is F300-25 (preliminary).

You could use the F300-25 in place of the 300CSM, and just keep in mind what gain dish you'd be using with the 300CSM (if larger then 25dBi).... OR you could use the ePMP 1000 connectorized, define the dish size you'd use for your CSM project, make the link, and then add about 25% more throughput because of AC/256QAM and short GI.

Both these methods will get you pretty close to what LinkPlanner would tell you if CSM was in there.

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I just wanted to share that we had achieved  33 km PTP link with force 300 csm. Antenna is Mikrotik Mant30 PA 30 dbi. Slant setup.


Hi Mizo - what does your link throughput test show for throughput?
Thanks! :) 

Hi ninedd, 


137.04 Mbps


139.878 Mbps


276.918 Mbps