Introducing the new ePMP Force 400 Series!

Today we are excited to announce the new Cambium ePMP Force 400 Series.

This new product is a point to point solution delivering up to 1 Gbps of capacity leveraging ePMP and 802.11ax technology.

We are offering the Force 425 with an integrated 25 dBi antenna and the Force 400C which is a connectorized radio.

We’ve been seeing fantastic results in the beta testing that has been in progress for the last couple of months.

Please see the following links for more information and drop a note here if you have any questions about

View and download the datasheet

See an unboxing and installation video

Sign up for the webinar on February 2 to hear more about deployment results and speak to the development team about the capabilities of this new product.

Please contact your Cambium Networks reseller partner for information on pricing and availability.



Here is an image of the Force 425. We’ve taken lots of feedback from customers to make this easy to install. Have a look a the link in the thread above showing a video of unboxing and installation.

The Force 425 has an integrated 25 dBi antenna.

Soon we will also offer a Range Extender optional accessory that can add an additional 3 dB of gain on each end of the PTP link.


We are super excited about this platform and looking forward to all the feedback from the field.

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And here is the Force 400C. This is a connectorized option that allows external horn or dish antennas for longer range Point to Point links.


Is this the most current version of the datasheet?

Hi Michael, yes it is. Dated 10/30/2020 on the last page. Is there something missing that you’d like to see on the datasheet? - Bruce

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802.11ax AND 1024QAM? Very good…

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Looks like GPS antena rpsma here ?

What about the AP 4000 any info on that? And will it be compatible with epmp force 300 SM’s? If so what are the limitations of using 300 series sm’s can we intermingle 300 and 400 sm on the same AP without any degradation or losing full benefits of epmp 4000?

What are the main points of epmp 4000 vs epmp 3000 AP what will be the major differences and can we use the same sector antennas already deployed and just swap AP’s?


And for God’s sake make the mounting bracket swappable from left hand to right hand mount like epmp 200-25 dishes… you really hosed the bracket on 300-25 which forced us to have to move about 15% of existing installs of force 200 dishes…



Looks like you can swap up/down

LOL… surely they are… I mean it would cost nothing extra ! Omg, they wouldn’t… Would they ?

I don’t find the terms “GPS” or “SYNC” anywhere in the document nor any any mention of the third SMA connector that appears at the bottom of the radio in the pictures.

There is no GPS sync. That connector is in case we ever want to do a GPS sync SKU which is not a plan right now.
Look at the video in detail and please be constructive in your feedback please.

The Force 425 and 400C do not have GPS SYNC. The connector that appears in the image is not on the production units. - Bruce

Yes, it can be mounted both left and right of the post. - Bruce

Well , not like I expect everything Cambium makes to be useful to me.

^^^ There’s always a grumpy grandpa looking to complain about anything.

Anyways, super excited about this guys! Any ETA on release date? Q1 or Q2? Cant wait to get my hands on a few of these!

The version on the partners portal has different numbers for the antenna’s 3 dB Beamwidth Azimuth & the 3 dB Beamwidth Elevation and I was just curious which one to follow.