Introduction to PTP 550E With Dynamic Channel Selection Webinar

The new PTP 550E solution supports a wide range of frequencies. With Dynamic Channel Selection, PTP 550E searches for the clearest spectrum, and with channel bonding, each channel can have independent channel bandwidth. Cambium Networks' Sagar Deshpande introduces the new solution and its key features during this webinar.

I think it's relevant to mention that the 550E is a ROW product and not available for the USA/FCC region.

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Yes, but my understanding is the the PTP550's have all the same features - with the exception that the 550E will do the 4.9 to 6.2 rather than the 5.17 to 5.9 of the regular 550.  But, all the DCS and bonding features are all applicable for both (I think?) 

Yeah, the software features are the same, DCS, etc... but I was thinking of USA/FCC people looking to tap it for use with 4.9GHz... you won't be able to do that with the 550E. I got mildly excited when I first saw this product come out before I realized it wasn't destined for my region.

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