"Invalid Cookie" After Upgrade to 2.6.1

I'm seeing the cnMaestro Connection Status as "Invalid Cookie" on a few of my devices after upgrading to v2.6.1.

I've tried disabling and enabling cnMaestro on the radio. I've tried rebooting. Any other ideas that will not require a site visit?

Thank you, 


Could you please send MAC address of these devices. Also re-entering Cambium ID and Onboarding key on devices should fix this issue.



I am also getting this error on many of my epmp devices showing a down status and invald cookie.

All devices are on at least 2.6 and many ePMP APs are showing the invald cookie option along with the SMs connected to them. I also have an SM that shows invalid cookie when the AP it is connected to actually does not have this issue. The invalid cookie is showing devices in a down status in cnMaestro which makes the tool unusable. 

Here are the effected MACs 

[EDIT]DELETED. Mac addresses sent offline to Ajay. 



We didn't realize that email address wasn't mentioned in earlier reply to provide the MAC address details. We have taken note of all these MAC addresses, so please delete them immediately from your post as these are sensitive information. 




Ajay, I sent 2 MAC addresses by PM. 

As suggested, I re-entered the Cambium ID and Onboarding Key, saved it, and now both devices are connected correctly.

This upgrade was not very smooth, but I was able to work around all of the issues with out any site visits required. It was just concerning throughout the process.

Thank you, Chris

Thanks Chris. I received them and acknowledged as well. Good to hear that issue is resolved.

Hi All,

We analysed this issue and it is nothing to do with ePMP devices being upgraded to 2.6.1 and for that matter, this issue is not related to any device related activities. This issue happened due to some internal error inside cnMaestro. Anyways we have addressed the issue and there is nothing to be concerned about. All devices earlier showing as invalid cookie should be connecting back and should function as usual in cnMaestro. In case anybody still sees device showing invalid cookie, please email MAC address of such devices to ajay.singh@cambiumnetworks.com.



Thank you.