Invalid Frequency Error

We have a PMP450i 900mhz Access Point. We have been getting complaints from customers that they will loose their internet for 5 to 30 minutes, and it will just come back on its own. 

We finally spotted it happening today. 

The AP is running 7mhz channels at 905.5 frequency. This is the error it kicked out:

01/15/2011 : 21:24:58 UTC : :Error, bad input frequency: 2
01/15/2011 : 21:24:58 UTC : :Error: Invalid frequency:9437184 for band:4

I changed the frequency to 906 and rebooted the AP. Everything came back. 

What does this error mean? Is this a bad Access Point?

Any suggestion on how to fix this error? We get the best performance out of 905.5, but we can't use it if it randomly drops clients. 

Hi Wilham,

We have to check regarding this issue .So we request you to provide the CNUT files or the enigineering files with the radio on905.5 Mhz which has the error on it to analyze and discuss internally 

Please send the CNUT or engineering files are .