Invalid Parent Token


I have just began using cnMaestro to manage ePMP devices. I had installed the on premises version.

I have an ePMP AP configured with the https url to the cnMaestro system under "Configuration -> System -> cnMaestro URL".

All ePMP SMs automatically get onboarded when connected to this AP.

However, this is not the case when I connect an Elevated SM device. In this case, under the Home page of the Elevated SM device, it says:

cnMaestro Remote Management: Enabled - The registered AP is Onboarded

cnMaestro Connection Status: Invalid Parent Token

The Elevated SM device can get onboarded if I explicitly set the cnMaestro URL manually under "Configuration -> System".

Is there anything that is necessary to configure so that the Elevated SMs get onboarded without setting an explicit url to cnMaestro?


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This is a know issue with the elevated SMs and will be fixed in 4.5 release. For now you can use one of other options to setup URL via DHCP option 43 or DHCP option 15 as a workaround.

Here you can find more details: