Inventory Report for PMP Devices

We’re not using any of the products listed so we’re not directly affected, but I do have question about identifying what we have working in the field. Is there a way to get a report from cnMaestro that allows us to identify the type of equipment that is being monitored? We’re using on-premise, Essentials, 2.4.2-r31

When I export our PMP inventory the report doesn’t help much in distinguishing different flavors of equipment. I can see that we have some PMP450i AP and some PMP450i SM but that’s about it.

  • there is no indication of the operating frequency in the inventory list
  • there’s no indication of integrated antenna vs connectorized
  • in the exported cnMaestro inventory PTP 450i show up as PMP450i SM or PMP450i AP
  • I can’t find SKU listed anywhere in cnMaestro or on any of the individual device GUI

It seems to me that the inventory report should be useful in determining the types of equipment we’re using and checking EOL status, but I can’t find any reports that provide sufficient detail. Am I missing something? Would newer cnMaestro versions be better?

I moved this to its own topic… I think your question / request is a good one.

I have alerted some folks in the cnMaestro team, and will work on getting someone to respond.

In the reports which is X feature we provide lots of detail like hardware, rf frequency, sync source, sync state etc

Thanks Rupam and Matt.
Fortunately our version of Essentials still has the device report so I can get the detail that you mention above. (I hope that some reporting continues to be available without having to go to X.)

  • I see that there is information in the report to distinguish between our 3 GHz and 5 GHz equipment - albeit in an indirect way where I need to look at operating frequency rather than anything to do with the model information.
  • It still looks to me like the information on PTP450i versus PMP450i, and integrated versus connectorized antennas is unavailable.
  • SKU is not listed anywhere
  • For all types of PMP450i the report shows the Product Name as “PMP 450i” and the Hardware Model as “450i”. (This even applies to PTP450i.) This is a very incomplete description - I wouldn’t get very far if I tried to request quotes and order equipment using the limited model information that is available in cnMaestro reports.