IoT and Z-Wave Interference?

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Its 2019 and it appears that the IoT is taking hold of every aspect of our lives.  Google Home, Alexa, Home Kit, etc, etc...

Lights, toasters, coffee makers, sprinklers, smoke detectors, HVAC thermostats, etc, etc... are all connected.

The majority of the devices are using Z-Wave radios which transmit at 908 MHz in the United States.

Even home alarm systems are coming pre-installed with Z-Wave modules for home automation.

Has anyone found Z-Wave enabled products interfering with their 900 MHz links?

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Happy NY to you as well!

As far as IOT stuff is concerned.... Ehhhh not really seeing any game stoppers... and on top of it the gas company just deployed 900MHz smart meters to every home in my city. My PTP450i 900MHz is still working great, although it's taken a hit... the aggregate throughput is now 50mbps instead of 80mbps. I think I might be in the minority however as many WISP's have reported their 900MHz systems being completely destroyed by smart meters, SCADA, etc. as a utility updated their systems. Some have found ways to work with or around the utility deployment.

Here's a chart of my latency during the last 24+ hours:

You can see there are a few very tiny red slivers... these are some dropped packets... but they don't effect my service in any noticeable way, and I even had a bunch of people over all weekend to play Dota 2 and the connection only dropped once... that being said there's a bunch of links in the chain to get service to my house, so could have been anything.

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Hello Eric

Thanks for the reply.

Congratulations on such a well performing link.  50 mbps is still something to be envied.  The closest I get to that is when the outdoor temps are below 25 degrees Fahrenheit.   But that is for another post.  

I'm asking about the Z-Wave radios because my home alarm panel needs to be replaced and most of my options (newer systems) come with Z-Wave radios installed.  Have asked about the ability to disable Z-Wave and have not received a definitive answer.   The closest I have come to an answer was "yes but not sure if it turns off the radio"

Should I avoid systems with Z-Wave and just go with an older tech panel or is the power output low enough that the Z-Wave radio would not affect the link?

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I did a little reading on Z-Wave and it's been out for a pretty long time. It appears to create a mesh network in your house using unlicensed 900MHz. Interference will depend on how powerful the Z-Wave devices transmit and how much shielding and walls are in between them and your PTP 900MHz connection. There's no way to know until you try it.