IP-20C Traffic Monitoring from Zabbix

Hi people. I have the objetive to monitor a Point/Point Link with zabbix. I want to see radio status and Current Thoughput. I cannot find correct MIB/OID. Sorry for Ignorance… I Explored the MIB Tree and Got this.

I tested the underlined Objects to see which of them was the correct one: On Radio Interface Speed I got 529 Mbps as that license allows as I see is a fixed value. My questios is what does the MultiCarrier Interface shows values over the 1.06Gbps (double the radio slot capacity of 529), its goes to 2-3 Gbps. And also the Ethernert Port speed is 1000 Mbps but the inbound Octects goes to 4 Gbps. This is making me confused. Can anybody clarify me of this and according to Multicarrier ABC what do we exatly have on the wireliss link speed?