IP Address Bug

I came across a software bug in the R Series radios related to IP address entry in the GUI

Problem: Can’t enter an IP address with a 0 on the end.

IP Address Range: -
Subnet mask of

WAN with Static IP
All addresses are valid between that range, however, in the GUI you can’t enter

Please try the same WAN static IP address configuration from cnMaestro.
The device GUI has some limitations and does not allow this configuration at present.

Same bug was 22 years ago on win XP, hard to hear that nowdays something like that still can happen.

It works with cnMaestro.
It took some work to figure out how to do this as there are no examples that I could find
Here is the override settings.

*** NOTES ***
Key is that there is a single parameter with TAB delimited variables. ie. If you have 3 WAN’s defined, it would be "parameter=${var1}tab${var2}tab${var3}. You can omit a variable but you MUST still have the tab.

  • I used the word “tab” in the example below but this needs to be replaced with a TAB symbol. cnMeastro doesn’t allow this so cut/edit this in a text editor and then paste it back

  • variables can be omitted EXCEPT VID. Not sure why but you will lock out the R-series and require a factory reset.

  • Example omit
    If WAN1 was DHCP and WAN2 was static, you could use the following



If you want to add any other parameters not available in cnMaestro, export the config from an R-Series radio and search of the specific value. Then you can follow the above instructions.