Ip address not detected in my Pc

Hello family
I’m John
I have a problem with the epmp 2000 when I turn on all works fine but when I try to access the interface via the IP address its not even entering with the still nothing.

In the software cambium discovery tools sa displays only the MAC address.

the model and the ip address is not displayed.

thank you for your help

Hi John, welcome to the community.

Can you describe the physical setup? Are you directly cabled to the ePMP, or through a switch or router? Have you configured your PC to be in the same subnet as the address you are trying to access?

I connect the equipment directly to my PC so the data port of the Poe power supply directly to the network card of my PC
I also configured my pc on

When I pinged 0.1 or 0.2 still nothing

Factory reset and start wireshark on your PC, what the capture says?

Set your pc to
Then ping if that works, then use your browser to access the AP. If not perform a factory reset and try again.

The capture of winshark

What is the source MAC address on those DHCP Discover requests? Are they from the ePMP?

50:9A:4C:1A:57:8A the mac address EPMP

I think that’s probably the MAC address of your laptop:


Your screenshot doesn’t appear to show any traffic from the ePMP itself.

Was this capture running as the ePMP powered up? We’re looking for something like a gratuitous ARP that would announce the device’s IP address.

the epmp was on and connected to the PC when I launched the capture.

is there a possibility to activate the DHCP via the CLI

You should reboot the ePMP while Wireshark is capturing, in this sequence:

  1. Start the Wireshark capture
  2. Reboot the ePMP
  3. Wait for a couple of minutes
  4. Stop the Wireshark capture

This is because the ePMP might send some traffic when it first boots up that will help you identify its IP address.

When looking through the capture, you can hide the traffic generated by your laptop with this filter:

!(ip.addr ==

Hello John,

Please change the network cable from the radio to the PoE.
Sometimes, when cable is not crimped well, the LAN side does not comes up.
Consider an originally crimped cable or take your time to crimp the cable - the both sides.
You should be able to reach the radio.