Ip cameras Wifi network design

We need tech assistance in a Wi-Fi architecture with a IP cameras.
So, we need to connect up to 6 ip cameras in a network with Wifi.
WE have the backhaul located in the main offices (CentralOffices) and from there we have to reach the cameras. We have an obstacle in front the main offices and we need to avoid it.
We are thinking in a repeater or a point to point connection (with 2 clients) and make a bridge to a wifi-hub to give access the other cameras located on the right…
Could you help us to choose the correct equipment


Hello Lorenzo,

This looks like an absolutely fantastic project;

Because this is a pretty small network and also required wifi; I’d suggest the cnVision platform which is based on the ePMP platform. To use cnVision you’ll need to become or find a vendor who’s a cnVision SI.

cnVision - Cambium Networks

Though, the other option is PMP 450 MicroPoP; which I’d also recommend.

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Thanks James.
Regarding the nVision solution, from the main offices to the repeater what is the recommended point to point device?
In the repeater location, how can I do the hub bridge?


There is a lot of ways you can do this;

The cheaper option, which is totally valid - is to use a HUB 360 at the Repeater Site and then CLIENT MINI at the office and both CCTV sites.

This will have some bandwidth constraints, but will work; If you need better bandwidth between the Office and Repeater you can use any two clients as a bridge.

For Wifi; I’d be looking at the XV2-2T - these are Wi-Fi 6 and have a range of 1km to a tablet or phone in the field - obviously in ideal situations. They come in a 120 Degree Sector or Omni

XV2-2T Outdoor Wi-Fi 6 Access Points - Cambium Networks

OK, I´ll see your suggestions