IP Configuration?

What would be the best way to set up a public IP address on the ends (my Server, customer’s PC) and have private IP address among the AP and SM? I’m not sure which NAT/no NAT config would work best for this situation? What I’m trying to do is conserve my PUBLIC IP addresses by using private IPs instead.

Anyone have a suggestion on the best way to do this? Thanks in advance.

If you do NAT at your SM, you cannot give the final customer a public IP address. You should then use a bridge-based configuration or routed internal ip addressing.

if you disable dhcp client you can use a static public ip.

set up a private network in your router along with the public network.

assign the sm a static private ip as well as ap’s and cmm’s. we use the following setup.

gateway 10.0.1.x

10.0.1.x cmm, bh, switches
10.0.x.1 ap’s ( is ap1’ etc)
10.0.x.2 child sm 1
10.0.x.3 child sm 2, etc

when you enable NAT in your sm you can enable or disable dhcp client. enabled means you have a dhcp server dishing out customer ip’s to the WAN interface of the SM. disabled means you are statically assigning customer ip’s. these ips are not the same as the private 10. management ip in the canopy. these ips can be public or another separate private network.

if you have a cpe router then disable NAT.

we use static public ips on our network for more positive management and to allow clients free access to all manner of services.

we have a 2003 server with a public and private ip. we RDP to the server and then we can access the canopy management network. you can do the same thing with VNC.

from inside the network, I can access the canopy network directly.

Thank you both very much! I’ll let you know how it works out.

I’m having trouble configuring the SM to hand out a public ip address if the customer wants one. Going back to my original question: how do I keep my AP - SM ip addresses private with the ability to toggle between giving a customer a public or private IP address?

I’ve noticed that some of you require that the customer have a router and then just assign a static public IP address on the internet side of the router, but I don’t want my customers playing around with these settings. However, since the customer will be buying the router from us or someone else, we can’t very well block the customer out of the router’s web interface. Therefore, I need the option to dish out public/private ip addresses from the SM (which I CAN block from the customer). My problem is HOW to configure the SM to do this? Any ideas?

How about you supply the router, pre-config with static pub ip, dhcp scope for inside ip’s with a limited number (like for 4 hosts).

Then password the access. Be sure to add the MAC to your DHCP server to always assign the static addy.