IP problem with PMP 450 5hz SM , no AP(?)

Hi everyone my WIMAX isp installed a PMP 450 SM 5GHZ directly plugging it into a 20$ Zyxel router (seems there is not cambium AP between zyxel and the 450SM), which is horrible in routing and connection stability.

-Zyxel router had obscured password, so i can't retrieve the wan IP of the 450SM

-Tried bypass the Zyxel plugging my old router (better one) but nothing, (i guess dhcp disabled from 450SM if there is one)

-The default SM IP address i found on the manual  has also been changed.

Is there anything i can do in order to switch that tedious Zyxel for my old Router?


I'd hook the SM up to a computer and run WireShark on the interface - that would at least get you the IP of the SM, and the subnet and gateway might be obvious if you had that to work with...

I would also contact your ISP and highlight your dissatisfaction with the service.  Rather than trying to bypass them, they might be able to help correct this.