Iperf with External E2E


Using the onboard E2E controller I was able to perform iperf from the PoP node to any node in the mesh and it was super helpful, however when I moved to External E2E deployment I don’t see the iperf tool anymore! Does External E2E deployment support iperf tool ?


You need to use 4.1.0 cnMeastro X for this feature, the cloud version has been available for many weeks the OnPrem version was release this weekend.

Features include:

Node and Link Throughput Tests in Map
Current Best Route Scan 
Airtime/Throughput Statistics
Beam Azimuth and Elevation Angle in Links Statistics
Remote Command for Wired Interface Changes

For detail here’s the release note: cnMaestro 4.1.0 (On-Premises) Release Notes

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