Iphone & ipad Voucher for cnmaestro cloud manager

I can not access the internet with cnmaestro Cloud Vouchers on iphone and ipad. Help me?

I can not confirm by voucher of cnmaestro Version 1.4.0-r12 with OS (iphone, ipad)

Two months back IOS new software changed the internal functionality of their Captive portal assit and it required some browser activity for the Captive Portal login functionality in order to change the login state in their internal state machine. In captive assit by IOS they present a 'Cancel' button at top right corner which used to change to 'Done' when Captive portal login was completed. With new IOS version the state change requires the page to be reloaded or redirected to some welcome page. I believe you are facing the same issue. In case you are facing the same issue then it requires the new splash code to be used. In order to do so you will have to login to your cnMaestro account and then go to services->Guest Portal and do a 'Save' for all of your Guest Portal Splash pages. Once this is done it will push the new splash page templates based on your account configuration and the problem will be fixed.

If you are facing a different problem then please let me know.

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I did but did not. Please help


Can you invite me to your cnMaestro account. The invite option can be found under Manage->Administrator and you can do add user and give my email id there kunal.solanki@cambiumnetworks.com.

Also please let me know which IOS version is running on the IPAD and Iphone.

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