Iphones and some Android cnMaestro Guest Access Portal


I have a problem with my cnPILOT E410, I configured in cnMaestro my cnPilot with Guest Access Portal, but when I connect to the Wi-Fi that I created in my cnPILOT does not open the Portal automatically, only if I navigate in any page, even if I open the Web Browser of my phone (Android < version 8 or iPhone) don’t show me the portal.

I have cnPILOT E410 with Software Firmware: 3.7-r9.

My question is, if the Guest Access Portal from the cnPILOT E410 show the Portal automatically when I connected from the Wi-Fi on my Phone Android or iPhone?, is supported from Android and iPhone or not, o just from the PC?

 Android and iPhones should open the Captive Portal Page automatically.  Only when whitelist specific websites, we don't get Portal page automatically. These specific websites get whitelisted by default when we enable Social login features  (Facebook login,Google login) . In that case we get Captive Portal page only when we browse any http website .Please send the tech-support file to Sandeshkumar.b@cambiumnetworks.com so that we can debug the issue .

Thanks, I sent you the File to your email

I have the same issue with te OS androin and IOS, the phone connect correctly but the guest portal don´t be open. I'm using the voucher access.