IPTV Multicast Streaming Scenario

We are running a small  IPTV streaming service . 

Recently we have been trying to replace a NetGear switch which is between Multicast source and ePMP WIreles Network.

We have choosen an 3560 Cisco switch with IGMP snooping enabled, What we have found is that streaming service stops when we turn on the ip igmp snooping feature on the switch. It do work fine when IGMP Snooping is off, I suppose there is a kind of missmatch betwwen ePMP software which is also doing IGMP Snooping on the network and the switch.

I think that there must be only ePMP APs doing IGMP snooping for multicast to work. 

Notice that streaming works fine only when we turn off the igmp feature on the switch.

Hi jobi,

Do you have an IGMP querier(router) in your network? In order to have IGMP snooping work properly some equipment north from the switch should send IGMP queries.

Please refer to Cisco documentation on IGMP snooping:





Yes, we have a cisco router making queries every 125 sec, the issue shows up when there is a snooping device in between,

AP-s seems to stop forwarding igmp reports  coming from subscribers, these reports never reach the querier when the switch the ap is connected to is doing igmp snooping. 

Stream start flowing when I turn off the igmp snooping feature on the switch.

We also tried with a mikrotik router acting as a igmp proxy, it works  well when there is a pc directly connected receiving stream. but when I connect the AP instead, It stops. 

Only when I do a bridge connection between upstream and downstream interfaces in mikrotik router, it completely stop acting as a igmp proxy and is then  when AP-s  start sending video again.

I think there is a limitation on AP-s  which prevents it to relay igmp messages when a igmp snooper is in the middle.

It only can speak with a directly connected querier, no snopper, no igmp proxy could stand in the middle.