IPv6 configuration for R200/201


R200/201 devices support IPv6 addressing starting from firmware version 4.3 onwards. DHCPv6 protocol is used to automatically provision/configure IPv6 capable end points in a local network.

In addition to acquiring an IPv6 IP address for its WAN interface and its associated LAN/WLAN clients, the R200/201 devices are also capable of prefix delegation. The R200/201 devices are compatible with all standard IPv6 DHCP servers.


Below is a sample deployment used for the purpose of this demonstration.


For the purpose of this demonstration, we have used the Dibbler DHCPv6 server (http://klub.com.pl/dhcpv6/)

Below if the sample configuration of the dibbler server for reference.

log-level 7

log-mode short

iface "Local Area Connection"


t1 1800-2000

t2 2700-3000

prefered-lifetime 3600

valid-lifetime 7200



pool fec0::3-fec0::100




pd-pool 2001:db8::/32

pd-length 48


option dns-server fec0::104,fec0::103

option lifetime 7200

option domain domain.example



i. Enable IPv6:

Network->IPv6 Advanced->Ipv6 Enable.


ii)  C3voip R201P supports two IPv6 address modes, Stateless DHCPv6 and Statefull DHCPv6.

In Stateless DHCPv6 mode R200/R201 devices listen for ICMPv6 Router Advertisements messages periodically sent out by routers on the local link or requested by the node using a Router Advertisements solicitation message.

 In Statefull DHCPv6 mode client works exactly as IPv4 DHCP in which hosts receive both their IPv6 address and additional parameters from the DHCP server.

Statefull configuration Example



Field Name                                        Description

IP Protocol Version                            enable IPv4 & IPv6 option.

WAN IP Mode                                    set it to DHCP

NAT Enable                                         Enable.

DHCPv6 Address Settings                 set it to state-full mode.

Prefix Delegation                                enable.

Stateless Configuration Example

Field Name                                                   Description

IP Protocol Version                                        enable IPv4 & IPv6 option.

WAN IP Mode                                                 set it to DHCP

NAT Enable                                                      Enable.

DHCPv6 Address Settings                             set it to stateless mode.

Prefix Delegation                                            Enable.

WAN Port Status


IPv6 DHCP configuration for LAN/WLAN clients

Wired and wireless clients connected to R200/201 can obtain their IPv6 addresses based on how we configure the LAN side DHCP v6 parameters. The R200/201 can be either configured as a DHCPv6 server in which case the LAN/WLAN clients get IPv6 addresses from the configured pool.

In case DHCP server is disabled on the R200/201, the clients will get IPv6 addresses from the external DHCPv6 server configured in the network.


 Enable LAN DHCPv6 service.