IPv6 mesh questions

Couple questions that I was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on…

  1. I understand that the cnWave radios operate in the IPv6 address space… will this work in a IPv4 network? Will every subscriber downstream need an IPv6 address? NAT 64??? 6 to 4 tunneling? Can these devices be transparent and extend my layer 2 network (70 vlans) ?

Thanks in advance!

Currently you can only do IPv4 on nodes with up to 20 clients. It requires that you run the edge 2 edge controller on the POP DN. Because it has to generate a GRE tunnel from each client back to the POP DN there is a physical limitation for tunneling. You could do a customer device with tunneling and run a larger native V6 mesh, but that would require you to tunnel all your clients back to some central server or router.

Would you be available for a more detailed discussion? We are looking to replace a large fleet of mesh radio’s, and have ordered 6 cnWave radios for testing purposes, but I am nervous that they will not meet our needs. I have a fiber connected PoP, and will have cisco switches behind subscriber radios for many wired connections. IPv4 only network!! Will need to access the management IP’s of these remote switches/ping/etc.

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Hi pboynton,

IPv4 is supported. So the Management IP of these switches should be accessible.

Could you elaborate questions you have ?

60 GHz cnWave - Cambium Community has information on lot of relevant topics.